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        1. Retail Summer School

          Retail Summer School

          06-08-2020 13:30 - 10-09-2020 18:00


          Meir 78

          2000 Antwerpen

          Session:?Extreme Customer Centricity in the Ecosystem Economy with Rik Vera

          When: Thursday 6 Augustus 2020 (13h30?- 18h00)

          Where:?Stadsfeestzaal - Antwerp

          COVID-19 proof event: Smart camera monitoring guarantees 'social distancing' and keeps every participant safe, even during the cosy network drink afterwards.

          Language: Dutch

          What to expect? What to learn?

          1. Why linear is over

          2. What ecosystems are and why they will rule the world?

          3. Build your Ecosystem canvas

          4. Use the Extreme Customer Centric Application Generator

          5. Use the Ecosystem Partnermodel Generator

          For decades we have been building and using business models that were linear. Root-cause. First A and then B. Value chains. Manufacturing-wholesale-retail-consumer. Customer journeys. Inside-out thinking. Or outside-in.?

          In a landscape that will be dominated by ones and zeros, all things linear will change into smart ecosystems. Those that join that movement, will survive. Those that are stuck in the old way of thinking, will not. We have to replace the old business models by new ones and that is challenging.?

          In this workshop, Rik Vera explains wat ecosystems are all about, what they are made of, what the business canvas is, why they should be extremely customer centric by definition and how to build them, recognize them or how to become part of one.?

          Tickets: There are only a limited number of tickets available. Ticketsale will start shortly via Eventbrite.