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        1. JD.com finds way back to profit

          JD.com finds way back to profit

          Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has had an excellent 2019. Turnover grew 25 %, while losses were turned into full-year profits again as it managed to keep costs under control.


          Services grow in importance

          JD.com recorded a full-year turnover of 576.9?billion yuan (74.4?billion euros) last year, an increase of 24.9?% compared to 2018. Retail sales increased by 22.7?% to 510.7?billion yuan (66?billion euros). Revenues from services (including advertisements, the marketplace and logistics services to third parties) increased by 44.1?% to 66.2?billion yuan (8.5?billion euros).


          The operating result improved significantly compared to a year earlier, going from a loss of 2.6?billion yuan (350?million euros) to a profit of 9.0?billion yuan (1.1?billion euros). Among other things, JD.com succeeded in keeping costs under control: the relative weight of handling costs (purchasing, warehouses, customer service) fell half a percentage point to 6.4?% of total turnover. In addition, the company's real estate branch, JD Property, realised a capital gain of 3.88?billion yuan (500?million euros) on the sale of various properties.


          For the first quarter of 2020, JD.com is counting on a turnover growth of at least 10%. This outlook is based on the current situation, the company says, and can still be adjusted in view of the uncertainties surrounding the development of the corona virus.