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        1. "Amazon.nl to start next week"

          "Amazon.nl to start next week"

          Amazon would (finally) launch its complete webshop in the Netherlands next week, according to statements to several media offices. Currently, Amazon.nl is only a Kindle and book shop.


          Long story

          Amazon's Dutch expansion has been on the cards for ages, but an exact date had never been given. However, last January the e-tailer started recruting sales partners for its market place, saying it wanted to enlist retailers on over twenty categories - including fashion and electronics. The official launche of that market place would be planned for next week, Entertainment Business has learnt from unrevealed sources.


          The e-commerce giant's?Dutch presence dates from the end of 2014, but the product range of Amazon.nl is limited to books and its own e-reader Kindle. Dutch customers can already buy most other products from the company's British and German shops. In 2016, the latter started catering for Dutch customers, including a Dutch-language interface and customer service.