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        1. Uniqlo chooses Brussels for fourth Belgian store

          Uniqlo chooses Brussels for fourth Belgian store

          Japanese fashion chain Uniqlo plans to open a fourth Belgian store next autumn, in one of Brussels' most important shopping streets.


          "Felt welcome in Brussels"

          The fourth Belgian location for Uniqlo will be the Elite House on the Chaussée d'Ixelles, a major shopping street in Brussels. A 1,300?sqm recently renovated building will house the Japanese label on two floors, offering enough space to present its full range of fashion for women, men, children and babies. The store will open next autumn, but a precise date is not yet known.


          Uniqlo Belgium's new Chief Operating Officer, Kaman Leung, points to the success of Uniqlo's first store in Brussels: "The customers have made us feel welcome in Brussels' inner city. That is why we are now opening a store in a different, but very dynamic part of the city."


          Apart from its store in Brussels' city centre, the Japanese chain also has two stores in the Antwerp agglomeration: one in the city centre, one in a suburban shopping mall. The chain has stores in ten European countries, totalling ninety stores.